If you want a Shopify website that increases your presence + profit,

I'm your woman.

I’m Kirsty,
Shopify Designer + Developer.

From playing World of Warcraft... to creating Shopify websites. 

There I was in Belgium, unable to speak the language, having lost my "dream job" in a computer games company, and wondering what to do with my life. Some soul-searching, falling in love, a marriage, and a health scare later, I realized what had been missing all along… creativity.

Fast track 6 years later working as E-commerce Designer + Developer, (with a soul-destroying 2-hour daily commute), working for someone else did not cut the mustard any more: NO 1:1 personal customer chats, NO time for research & background info and a LAZY cut-and-paste template mentality.

I daydreamed about doing it my way…a personal service where I devoted myself to one customer at a time creating websites I was proud to hang my name on and my customers were passionate about.

Daydream time was over… 
Kirsty Van Acker - Shopify Studio…
Setup up shop!

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Level 70 Alter ego

Marrying my Belgian man

View from our cottage

Cuddles with Yuki, our Bull Terrier

Good guidance & great end result!

Before working with Kirsty I felt afraid that my input into the project was going to get lost. But after getting to know Kirsty, I felt like I could trust her, she is good at what she does and she listened closely and understood what we wanted.

Yvette Caprino from Happy Tails

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