Why Shopify is great for small businesses

Shopify is my go-to ecommerce platform, so much so that I don’t work with any other ecommerce platforms. I want to share with you why Shopify will make you life simpler and easier as an online shop owner. My top three reasons:

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Shopify offers you all the features & benefits (bells & whistles)

Shopify is easy to use, you don't need to be a techie to use it!

Shopify’s customer support is friendly & always available

Shopify is the best e-commerce platform, giving you an up to date and innovative software and service. Highlights include:

A easy to use and robust inventory management system, allowing you to sell not only on your website, but also through sales channels such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and many more, and in a point of sales situation. This integration is very easy and manageable.

It evolves with you, you can pick and choose apps, based on your needs and budget, from an extensive app library, curated and approved by Shopify themselves.

Shopify is great for SEO, letting you tweak you SEO (product photos, collection photos, product listing tags etc.) helping you get on that first page search results.

A smooth and simple checkout. They have refined the checkout to reduce barriers to your sales, making it easier for customers to checkout fast. You can opt to use Shopify Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay for a simpler experience.

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All the features & benefits

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Easy to use

Shopify makes running a business simple. It has well documented help resources. So whether it is managing an order, adding or updating a product in your inventory or updating photos on your homepage, you'll find it simple to carry out these everyday e-commerce tasks.

It is fully hosted so you don't need to worry about hosting, updates or security. That is all included in the low monthly fee.

No tech headaches, which leads me onto my third Shopify reason...

Friendly customer support

Shopify support is brilliant and no question is considered silly, with comprehensive online documentation, alongside an educative blog and forum. And if you are still looking for an answer you can get direct help via the phone or chat.

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